Automatic Alerts

We offer GPS fleet management solutions for small. mid, and large sized fleets and assets.  Unlike most other GPS fleet management companies, we have several products to choose from depending on your needs and/or budget. You can now also access your fleet via your mobile device or anywhere you have internet access!

Buckle Up!

Instant violation alerts via email or text, instant and automated reporting, and live tracking and dispatching.  Information is stored for future viewing on everything from vehicle speed to engine diagnostics.

Measure. Analyze. Modify. Repeat.

Increase safety, efficiency, and productivity all while reducing fuel and maintenance cost.  Also, ask your insurance agent if a rate reduction is available for utilizing a GPS tracking system.

Safe Driving

By the time you add up unauthorized usage, an unproductive employee and/or unsafe driving practices you can typically expect a large return on investment for owning our GPS fleet management system.  Contact us today for your free professional fleet analysis.

About Mobile Monitoring

We use the latest GPS tracking technology and equipment to increase communications and reporting productivity, safety, and security. You can also expect a decrease in operating fleet costs, expenses, and accidents.

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